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My Experience with Microneedling with PRPF

I’ve had acne my entire life and have tried everything under the sun to take control of my skin. From topical treatments, Accutane, and even going gluten free for awhile. Everything I’ve tried seemed to work for a while but, eventually my acne always returned. Being 27 now I’ve somewhat got control of my skin but, my skin was left with scarring, pocks and over all dullness.

Until, through Karen, I discovered microneedling and it changed my world.

My first session was in the spring of 2018 and it completely changed the texture, look, and feel of my skin. I was convinced this was something worth it. My next session was in fall of 2018 and this session was going to be a little different.

I was going to do microneedling with PRPF.

Now if you’re like me, you probably have no idea what that is. Basically your blood is drawn, spun down and, your plasma is extracted from your red blood cells, cool huh?

Once your plasma is ready, Karen then applies it to your face and begins the microneedling session. She then uses another needling device that penetrates deeper into your skin to drive your plasma further into your skin layers.

Although this sounds pretty invasive and painful, it’s not! With the numbing cream Karen applies before your session you can’t feel a thing!

Once done, I expected to look in a mirror and see a red splotching face (like I did with only microneedling) but, drum roll, I saw a non-red glowing face! I couldn’t believe it!

I saw immediate results and the results were twice as good as my first session. With my first session it took about two days for the redness to go away, with my second session I had zero redness!

The next day felt like a mild sunburn with mild tightness. My skin was so smooth and almost all of my pock marks and scars were gone.

Now this is my second session so, don’t expect your pock marks and scaring to be gone after one session, it does take a couple sessions to have your skin react as well as mine (and I’m going back to do my third session in a couple more weeks).

It’s been about 3 weeks since my session and with the combination of using the Osmosis Skincare line (available for purchase through Karen) my skin has NEVER looked better.

I’m even comfortable not wearing makeup around people who aren’t my family and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt the confidence to do that.

Microneedling with PRPF and the Osmosis Skincare line has changed my life, increase my confidence and I would recommend it to anyone!

Thank you, Karen!!!

– By Kori Knudson

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